We asked make-up artist, Aga Borowa, to share a few top tips for perfect bridal skin with us.  Aga is a freelancer who regularly works on London Fashion Week and TV programmes which have included ‘Footballer’s Wife’s’ and ‘Make me a supermodel’.  She also regularly assists Jo Baker, the head make-up artist for singers such as Eminem and Usher.

“Every bride wishes to look her best on her special day. Here is how I help them to get the very best result”.

“For me, there are few things as important as perfect, flawless and healthy skin. To achieve this I make sure skin is first of all well cleansed, exfoliated and moisturised.

It is essential for the skin to remain matt therefore it needs to be prepared with an oil free primer.  Using a light texture foundation I always make sure the match is just perfectly blended with the jaw line.  There is nothing worst than a visible and orangey line separating the face from the neck.

If there are any blemishes I will cover them with matching concealer and then dust loose powder all over the face, giving me a perfect canvas for the use of colour.

The style and look of each bride is of course very individual and different but I always suggest using neutral colours on the eyes. They can be pinks, caramels, light browns, soft peaches and so on.  If there is a need I will apply fake, individual lashes, they can be useful in opening up the eyes and great to add that extra sparkle and drama.

Dewy pink/ brown blusher, depending on skin colour, must be dusted on the cheeks apple where after I complete the look with a soft lip colour and touch of gloss.

Every time working with the bride I am aiming for clean but glamorous look. My aim is to make every bride I work with feel like she has just stepped onto the red carpet”.

Here are 5 top tips how to get your skin best for your special day:

  • Drink loads of water, this should be an everyday habit.
  • Make sure every night before you go to bed that all make up is properly removed.
  • Use your favorite moisturiser ensuring it’s suitable for your skin type.  If you feel your skin tingles after using a moisturiser, that means is not agreeing with your skin – ditch it!!!
  • Always use an eye cream – your normal moisturiser is too rich to use on your eyes. Eye cream should be applied only in outer corners under the eyes to protect from puffiness.
  • Use NARS, my favourite, Aqua gel mask 3 times a week before you go to bed. It contains 70% of water and leaves your skin beautiful hydrated.
  • Skin rejuvenates while we a sleep so if possible get at least 8 hours sleep before your special day.

If you would like to get in contact with Aga do so via her email address – agaborowa@gmail.com

Till next time, take care



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