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Hi Everyone

Our new blog has been updated with a fab feature on ‘How to make a fab Dior Rose’ to decorate all those fab Christmas Pressies with.  We give a step-by-step guide for you to make your own.  Join us at our new location:

Here is a taster!  And please remember our to follow us at our new URL as new posts will not be posted on this site any longer.


We have moved

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Dear Readers

From now on updates on my blog will be on my website.  This allows me to manage my web and blog from one place i.l.o 2.  The blog will still look exactly as it does here, its just now all in one place.

The blog tab is clearly visible at the top of the webpage along with the other section headings.

Thank you and please keep reading!


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The world’s most famous seducer is back in London town.

My nose is always quick to sniff out anything vampiric.   And yes before you ask, I love the Twilight books and films, the Vampire Diaries and just about anything else with fangs.

My love for the undead fantasy world was born many years ago when I was probably as little as 7 or 8.  My mother was mad about Dracula films and would watch them as often as possible.  My father on the other hand didn’t have much interest in this sort of thing so I became my mother’s late night film companion.

The Sell a Door Theatre Company currently features Bram Stokers Dracula, as adapted by Liz Lockhead, at the Greenwich Roundhouse Theatre.  This is a fantastic and intimate theatre, which allows you to be only a few feet away from the cast.

The play was brilliant and the cast superb in their performances, which were both impressive and convincing.  I loved in particular Kieran Hennigan’s performance of the role of Renfield.  It was without a doubt one of the most convincing ‘mad man’ performances I have seen to date.  His intensity was infectious and his despair tangible.   At the start of the play he successfully draws the audience into this dark world he so fears, setting the scene for what is to come.

When the Count made his appearance I was not disappointed.  Louis J Parker as the Dracula suits the role down to a ‘T’.  His longish curly hair, deep voice and throaty laugh are complimented by extremely good looks and a very commanding performance.  Very similar to the character of the Dracula in the adaptation in which Gary Oldman played; you cannot help but identify with his longing for his lost love together with a deep rage that is driving him towards finding her again.

I found the play provocative and intense to the point of delirium and worth seeing more than once – a reason I am taking a group of lady friends to see it again soon.

Dracula will be on at the Greenwich playhouse till the 5th of December.  The theatre is not very big so do not miss out on getting your tickets booked ASAP.  This is simply the perfect get together for a group of friends before Christmas.  And on a cold winters night you will no doubt leave the theatre feeling just that little bit warmer.

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Till next time, take care




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It’s been a week or so since I have last published an article.  Please bear with me as we are making some changes to incorporate the blog into my website.  This has meant manually transferring each and every blog and we are hoping to be done by mid week next week.  An exciting article on some sparkly things on the way though!!!

Take care,


To help me find my way…..

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The Light House

I am back from my visit in South Africa and it was just wonderful!  The weather was incredible and I managed to enjoy a number of days being lazy by some or other swimming pool.  I spent the last few days of my visit in Paarl, Western Cape Winelands, with two of my best friends of 20 years, Darrol and Hendrik, seeing what they have been up to.

Darrol and Hendrik were couture designers in South Africa for most of their lives.  And as the saying goes…..sometimes in life it is just your day! Because these two have managed to land themselves the ultimate project.  They were commissioned to transform a family home in Paarl, Western Cape region, into a boutique guest house, which upon completion they will also manage.

For the last year they have been busy with the renovation, redesign and styling of this new project. The result thus far is simply fantastic! With the build complete they are now in the final phases of decorating and await delivery of all of the soft furnishings, furniture and final decorative pieces.

This venue will be available to overseas visitors with completion expected by mid December of this year.  I took a few sneaky pics to give you all a taste of what the final product will look like, but do bear in mind this is currently a blank canvas!  There will be a total of 5 on-suite rooms decorated to the highest of standards, with a number of lounges for relaxing and sipping a drink or two, including a library.

What makes this place incredible is the view over the Paarl valley and Drakenstein and Franschoek mountains as well as the huge garden.  Included in the slideshow are a few of the amazing flowers that grow in this garden.  And with a swimming pool of 20×8 meters!!!!!!!!!!! you simply cannot get bored in your quest to be idle. And yes, this is where I spent most of my days doing absolutely nothing!

I hope you like the initial pictures and I will publish a full piece once every detail has been completed and they are ready for the press launch party. One thing is for sure this is going to be one amazing venue for an intimate wedding away!

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Till next time, take care

PS:( Hendrik, the blue is for you 🙂



Je Reve, Je Desire

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I Dream, I Desire

With the NWS over, I am excited to publish the photographs from the scheme I based my stall design on.  I wanted to do something different and as I am a film fanatic, I decided to shoot a short film to project on one of the walls in the stall.  The purpose of this film is to show artistic and creative ability.  The theme is loosely based on the movie The Company of Wolves.  The concept is below and as you will see the inspiration for my decor was developed from this image.  The video can be viewed further down in the blog, located between the lovely stills taken on location.

The short film, 7.5 minutes in total, shows two girls in a whimsical setting, having a picnic and playing dress up.  They day-dream about getting married and are, at almost half time in the film, transformed into brides, but danger lurks around the corner!


We are often told that our desires can be dangerous and that we should avoid them, it can only lead to disaster. In I dream, I desire, the scenes set the stage for the playing out of desire – the desire that as girls we become aware of through our teenage years. The desire here is clear – but so too is the prohibition and the danger, represented by the wolf.

In the short film however, rather than being afraid of that which they desire, they embrace it and decide to follow a path unknown and hitherto forbidden to young girls, in search of womanhood.


I invite you however to watch the 7.5 minute film.  You will no doubt have your own interpretation and come to your own conclusion.  We were able to capture some beautiful footage and I am sure you will love the dramatic introduction of the wolf, about half way through.  I would love to hear some comments and feedback.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank Adam Cluer from SE3 Productions for producing the film.  I know that we are both so proud of the final result, and I enjoyed the editing process no end!  Brides, looking for a videographer who will offer something a lot more than the conventional, this is your guy!! The film was shot on location at the Woodlands Farm Trust.


Thank you to Janet Mohapi-Banks for the wedding cake both in the film and for my stall, Chantal Flores for the gorgeous arrangement in my stall at the show, Aga Borowa as make-up artist, Katherine Elizabeth Millinery for the head-pieces as well as Lucy Ledger Design for the vintage stationary. The stills photography was done by Craig Allen and the lovely Sarah Morton. Thank you to Zuzanna, the dark-haired beauty who has been a good friend of mind for over 10 years as well as model Georgina Leahy.  Styling and Directing was done by Illyria Events. Last but certainly not least a huge thank you to Katy Stenhouse from India Jane in Blackheath who kindly provided all the beautiful furniture and accessories for the stall.  I loved each and every piece, thank you so much!

I am leaving for South Africa this coming Sunday to visit family as well as a safari lodge, and brand new venue in the Cape region of Paarl due to open in December.  Will hopefully speak to you all from there, if not before I go.

Till next time, take care



Away for the National Wedding Show at Earls Court

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Preparation for the NWS this coming weekend has kept me extremely busy and I have not updated the blog as much as I would like to.  With final prep in full speed a new update will only be published next week.  Hope to see a lot of you there and wish us luck!

Till next time, take care